We are delighted to announce our new partnership with ZER (KOÇ Group)

Updated: Feb 3

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with ZER (KOÇ) in delivering strategic procurement solution PROMENA e-sourcing and e-procurement platform to UNITED KINGDOM Market

At LeVeNe Consulting, we have been helping our clients to solve their business problems in a transparent, collaborative, and innovative manner since 2016. In the recent year, with the effects of the global pandemic, “Supply Chain Management” becomes one of the biggest problems that all companies focus on to tackle. The Brexit uncertainty makes it even more compelling for British Business Owners who especially deals with non-UK Suppliers. We truly believe this strategic partnership will empower British Companies in managing their Supply-Chain, supplier relationship, sourcing and procurement operations effectively.

Regardless of size or industry, all companies do some form of sourcing & purchasing to support their operations. It could either be a complex manufacturing firm who deals with dozens of suppliers on regular basis or a small firm who is looking for regular office supply or one-off product requests. If you are still using manual workflows, paper based or spreadsheet-based procurement process then you are missing out the incredible benefits of an e-Procurement & e-Sourcing Software.

Manual procurement operations are mostly cause high processing costs, lost, or misplaced documents, slow approval cycles, missed discounts, and uncontrolled costs for Business Owners. Additionally, the supplier relationships may suffer due to late payments, lack of standardization, poor vendor management, inefficient dispute resolutions, and more.

By adopting a digital e-procurement & e-sourcing solution, you can streamline, automate, and optimize your entire procurement process, capture & reduce cost and generate value, maintain better relationship with suppliers and improve overall organizational efficiency.

Main Benefits of Strategic e- Procurement & E-sourcing system:

Cost Reduction: A e-sourcing & e-procurement management system analyses the areas where the high and low purchase cost are, which services or products are purchased regularly, where the company can save cost and suppliers who provide the best quality products at lower costs.