International Expansion: TURKEY

Learn the Cultural Norms, Strentghs, Challenges and Opportunities of Doing business in Turkey

Do you plan to offer/launch your services/products in Turkey or maybe consider of buying from a Turkish company. You may see the currency difference (1£ =10.14 TL / 24 Jan 2021) and wonder how to benefit from the economical environment with its proximity and close link to the UK markets.

If Turkey isn’t on your international expansion list, then you are missing out.

Forget Turkey as a holiday destination, focus on the transformation of the country at every level/industry over the past ten years. Don`t take our word for it and check the statistics of Turkey`s bold, persistent and confident growth in various industries over the past decade.

It has never been a better time to do business with TURKEY... WHY?

1) TURKEY - UK has a trade volume of £18.6 billion in 2019 and recently (Dec 2020) signed the FREE TRADE DEAL to secure the growing volume of trade relationship between the parties. While, BREXIT makes it uncertain for British Companies to do business with its biggest trade partner EU, Turkey already offers a no change trade environment...