Market research is the action or activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences.

Market research, however, can be more than that. We provide you different types of solutions based on your need.


Our methodology includes data-driven market reports including analysis of different markets, competitors’ research, demands and the latest trends in the market as well as location-based postcode analysis for your potential business opportunities.



What questions you would ask your customers to understand deep your market:

  • Who do they buy products for?

  • How do they perceive your business?

  • How can you win their business?

There is at least one insight waiting to be discovered and the more insights you discover, the more information you have to make your business decisions better.

We are proud of our market research methodologies to outline the insights and understand your business for you.



  • Centers around your customer

  • Keeps you focused

  • Pursues the right opportunities

  • Keeps you relevant and future-oriented

  • Improves decision making

  • Reduces your risk

The key to success is to deeply understand your customers and the latest trends and we are here to help you through our detailed market research to go beyond your potential both in the UK and Turkish markets.


Insights are a deep understanding and knowing your customers deeply.


In a fast-changing customer-driven business environment, insights are however going beyond your customers.

Our way of market research is based on up-to-date data analysis and insights.

We analyse big data and give insights on:

Brand effectiveness, consumer preferences, competitor research, newest technology changes to affect the trends


Market Entry - Research

We know all businesses are unique in their way

That`s why we offer a tailor-made service for all your needs

Whichever phase you are in, we can walk with you along the way and find the best possible solution for your business with our proven data-driven tech based research methodology.


Multi-Skilled      Data-Based         Innovative          On-Site  

     Team            Analysis           Approach           Support

Market Entry and Research Reports:

Market Overview

Market Overview Report

A brief report includes below 6-elements to give you a general idea of the Market size, shares, trends, risks, customer behaviour etc. 

Full Market Report

Full Market Report:

Includes the up-to-date data analysis from the industry, Online/ Offline Customer Behaviour,  Surveys, potential innovations,  similar cases etc.   


A comprehensive study

 Insights going beyond your customers:
Based on your service/product that includes

+big data analysis

+using a range of research methodologies & tools

 + location specific (post code) analysis

+ Social Media Analysis

+ Keyword Analysis

Market Research Report:


A sample Market Research Report includes...


The statistics and numbers of the overall market; Market size, growth, highlights and expected trends. Gathering reliable data is the key to prepare a solid report and define a winning strategy. We work with market leader market research companies and buy data from them to analyze the industry for your business.


Competitor analysis of the key players, locations, operations, pros & cons, market shares, sales strategies and key events.


Trends and risks of the market that includes customer behavior & retention, growing trends, buying habits, governmental rules and regulations that can affect the market, barriers of entry and other risk factors.


Market Channel Analysis: The breakdown of useful networks, agencies, distributors, wholesalers and other market channels. 


Specifics Based on the Industry
The topics that are important only to a specific industry.


Recommendations based on the strengths/weaknesses of the business requesting the report, their relationships that could help them enter the market, and any traps the business need to avoid.

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