Company Formation & Registration

Thinking of setting up a company in UK... Levene Consulting can assist you in the set-up requirements, eligibility, UK regulations and legislations for any type of companies. We can advise the right company type and structure and implement the registration process.

Research Services

We are here to help you with your research needs on specific topics;

- Research Management

- Surveys / 1to1 interviews / Market Data

- Big Data Analysis

- Social Media / Customer behaviour / Keyword analysis

B2B Consultancy Service

Levene Consulting provides B2B consultancy service between British and Turkish Companies. The service content includes:

- B2B Marketing Strategy

- Professional Representation

- Pricing and Negotiation

- Distribution Channels 

Property Services

We can help you to find an ideal office space or assist you in residential and commercial property purchases in the UK.

- Office Space

- Residential

- Commercial

Levene Consulting Ltd is Registered in England and Wales,

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